Ten Days of Teddy Bears

Challenges are always…well challenging! I did 30 days of hands last year, then 30 days of chickens in January. The chicken challenge was tough. I had originally chosen pears, but after doing one, I realized that I would probably be bored, not to mention the challenge of finding a variety of different pears during the winter months in Nova Scotia!

So onwards to my new challenge…Teddy Bears for 10 days. I actually only painted one teddy bear. This little bear was given to me by my Mom many years ago. He is only about 5 inches tall, made of long, sparse mohair, has large hand-blown glass eyes and a very cute disposition 🙂 He makes a great model.

I did these all in pastel. I have a small set of Panpastels and I used those too. I like the softness of the Pans for fur. Most of these are quite small, some done on Canson Mi-Teintes paper, some on small scraps of sanded paper and a couple on rough brown paper.