Art Show! 100 Dresses

The pieces in this show are the beginnings for an ongoing project entitled “100 Dresses”.

In this solo project I will be creating 100 paintings and sketches of dresses that I have either purchased from thrift stores or have had donated to me.

Every dress already has a story that needs to be told.

I try to capture this story in my work. Some paintings are evocative while others poignant and some just plain fun. Dresses on hangers without form: calm, elegant, still. Dresses with form: showcased on a perfect bodice for an imperfect body. Dresses on a human spirit: the body and movement implied

Every painting tells a unique story.

At the end of this project, every dress will then be donated to the Glass Slipper Organization: an organization that collects prom dresses and gives them to girls in need, because everyone should feel beautiful on their special day.

Every dress has another story in making.