Workshops & Classes

Whether you are a seasoned artist, looking expand your repertoire, or a complete novice looking to pick up a new skill, Sharon really enjoys working with other artists.

Sharon is available for private, or group, lessons helping you learn to sketching, or paint. Lessons are offered in charcoal, pencil, pastels, or acrylics.

If you aren’t sure where to start, Sharon offers semi-regular workshops and classes to new students (pending student availability). Please contact Sharon for register your interest in taking one of these classes.

Beating Artist’s Block

Sooner or later we become so focussed on our work we loose perspective, and eventually, the ability to create. Every artist, in every form, suffers it at some point, and moving through it is a challenge for all of us. Often, the easiest way to regain your style, is to step outside of it and seek a different perspective. Let Sharon take you down a different path than you normally walk, and perhaps offer you a different view of your work.

Working with other artists really thrills me. I love being able to share and learn with other artists in my community. The more we share with one another, the stronger we become, and the better all of our skills become.

Introduction to Drawing

Pencils and sketching force us to focus on the most fundamental aspects of art and imagery. By studying drawing we focus our attention on the building blocks used in all other mediums. The pencil is the foundation of all other art.

Hearing a new student say they can’t even draw a stick man always brings a smile to my face. I love nothing more than seeing a complete beginner bring together their first piece.

Introduction to Pastels

Every artist loves the interplay of colour, and working with as little material between you and the colour can be an amazing experience. Unfortunately, most artists are never able to work with this challenging medium.

There is nothing like working with pigment in its purest form. With as little between you and the colour as possible, pastels offer a medium that presents in a way that no other medium can capture.